A lot of companies sell SEO strategy services and while SEO can help get you some more site traffic, we don’t normally recommend SEO without focussing on some other forms of marketing in conjunction with SEO. This is because too many companies focus on only part of the SEO equation and miss some key components.

Secondly, many companies want you to believe it is very complex.  While there is definitely more to SEO, we feel that SEO does not have to overly complicated to be effective. We’ve found that effective SEO can be very simple and that it is more of a long-term strategy, that comes as a result of consistently doing simple things.

Imagine dieting and trying to lose weight. If you focus on short-term dieting or taking diet pills then you can lose weight, but guess what, it’s probably going to come back without a long-term plan or strategy to keep it off. Instead, if you choose to make small, simple, consistent lifestyle changes over time, you will find the weight disappears and stays off.

Similarly, with SEO, you can have some company help you with your SEO, and it might help your traffic, but without a plan to effectively execute a long-term gameplan you will find that it doesn’t really help long-term.

This is because a lot of times the SEO companies only focus on optimizing your site for keywords to increase the likelihood that it will show up in search engines. There are a lot of other factors that play into how and where Google will display your site in search engines. Google keeps their algorithm a secret, but the basics we know for ranking well in search engines are this:

Traffic + Quality Content + Optimized Site + Inbound Site Linking

= Effective SEO Strategy

Most SEO firms put their focus on part of the above equation by focussing on an Optimized Site and Inbound Links and miss the Traffic + Quality Content part.

Here’s how you can take control of your SEO strategy and save money while doing so, without sacrificing on the effectiveness:


Optimized Site

If your site is built on WordPress it is already pretty SEO-friendly, and most themes these days are pretty SEO friendly as well.  The initial website optimization can cover things with how the site was developed and how quickly it loads.  If you’re not familiar with this, our developers have experience with the initial website optimization.  Additionally, we definitely recommend installing and setting up the Yoast SEO plugin and begin setting up keywords for the pages of your site.  They also offer a free course, Free SEO Training: SEO for Beginners, and is an excellent resource for giving you the basics of what you need to know.  Now, we normally suggest a very small percentage of your focus should go to an optimized site. This is because most of the effort is made initially when the site is developed and there is no further need to continue to optimize, other than to make sure your new content is optimized for keywords and secondly to periodically ensure that your site is running fast.


Inbound Site Linking

If you get links to your website from other credible sites, then this helps the credibility of your site. While there are sophisticated ways of going about this, overall this is not hard to do. Submitting your site to search engine directories can be done easily and quickly. And also making sure that you have social media profiles setup that link back to your website can be a good start.


Traffic and Content Marketing

Google loves fresh content on your site. Good quality content shows you are updating your site regularly and offering website visitors value. The higher the quality the content the more Google likes it. Focus on creating value for your customers first and foremost and then the results will come secondary. Quality content not only helps your search ranking, if it is created effectively, it can also be a method for nurturing new or existing customers into additional sales with your company.

Now just because you’ve created high-quality content, it doesn’t mean that Google is going to instantly move you up in search engines. You actually have to effectively get traffic to your content. There are literally endless ways to get traffic to your site and many of these ways will directly help your inbound site linking (#2 above), help get your brand in front of more potential customers and contribute to your overall long-term SEO strategy.

So a plan to come up with consistent content for your website, dispersing this content online and via social channels, and linking back to your site from these channels is one of the most effective ways you can get instant traffic, instant brand exposure, and start improving your SEO over time.


How to Allocate Your Time to Your SEO Strategy:

Most (80%+) of your focus should go to creating good content, getting that content in front of potential customers, and linking back to your site. For inbound site linking, initially, you can register your site for free with Google and other search directories, and social profiles, this is primarily a one-time thing. You can continue to gain inbound links by sharing your content through social channels regularly. For the website optimization, most of this is done when your site is initially setup. WordPress and most themes these days are pretty SEO-friendly. You can spend a small amount of time each week with the Yoast SEO plugin ensuring that your content is optimized to be found in search engines for the correct keywords.

While there is definitely more to SEO, the basics are not too difficult.  If you’re willing to take the time to learn, it just takes some regular commitment to making sure you are following some simple SEO practices that will get you regular, long-term traffic.  I believe this will get you well on your way to seeing some results on a budget.


Not Sure Where to Start?

If you’re just starting out, and are uncertain how content can play a significant role in getting more sales and helping your SEO, feel free to book a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our team members. We will be happy to hear about you and your business and can provide you with some unique and actionable tips that will help you come up with a simple, cost-effective, and winning SEO and content marketing strategy.

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