Free Project Coordination Tools

To help ensure your project goes as efficiently, affordably, and smoothly as possible, please use the following FREE tools for communication with us.

Digital Vibe provides some of the industry’s most affordable and competitive rates.

One way we are able to do this is by leveraging free tools to coordinate with our clients on an efficient basis that not only keeps costs down, but also helps us deliver your project faster. Because of the geographical barriers that come into play, we are unable to meet in-person with all clients. Local clients who do require in-person meetings do require more time and preparation, which results in higher cost projects and delays in the deadline. To keep your project affordable, efficient and help us complete it as quickly as possible, the following free tools make coordinating virtually a very simplified process.

Screencast Tool (ESSENTIAL)

Quickly record a video of your screen and share audio feedback on what you like/dislike/or what needs to be revised. This works for everyone’s schedule, let’s you say everything that needs to be said in 5 minutes that would take 45 minutes to type, prevents the inefficiencies of phone calls since we cannot see the project, and is significantly more efficient than spending half a day in meetings and meeting preparation.

Recommended Screencast Tools:
Screencastify (Google Chrome Browser) – The one we use daily. Free. 1 click install and start sharing feedback in seconds.

Jing – (Works on any browser or computer) – Simply download this free screencast software, easily save to the cloud and share feedback

Screenshot Tool (ESSENTIAL)

A picture is worth a thousand words. SImply download one of the following tools and start sharing screenshots and easily annotate them if you need to.

Jing – The same free tool above that works for screencast videos also works for screenshots – Free download, annotate and share images in seconds

Google Docs and Drive (ESSENTIAL)

Keep your all your content in the cloud, easily filed and organized. You can share with a team member to proofread and easily share with us once it is completed. You can also comment with your team or our team inside the document for easy collaboration on the content or layout.

Skype or Slack (ESSENTIAL)

Phone calls are very inefficient because we cannot see what you are seeing on your screen. For those times that meetings are necessary, we recommend using either of the free tools – Skype or Slack for easy screensharing so we can see each other’s screens and see live examples of the project being worked on.

Project Management Tool

For larger clients with regular, large or ongoing projects, we work inside Trello. It is a free virtual workspace for easy communication, collaboration, and organization of all details of a project. This significantly cuts down on emails, and prevents the waste of time looking for info across multiple email threads.

Easily keep and share your passwords securely from one place. This simplifies and offers better protection over email of passwords.

Should You Need a Phone Call or In-Person Meeting, Here are the Rates, You May Do So Here

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