Project Policy Guidelines

1. Digital Vibe Support Hours

M-F – 9:00am – 5:00pm – Average response time is 1 business day or less.
We have created a process that helps us ensure we have everything we need to move forward on your project smoothly.

2. How this Project Policy Guidelines benefits you:

1. We deliver your project FASTER.


3. We spend less time on project management which results in SAVINGS FOR YOU.

4. We receive the necessary details and communication on your project which results in less revisions, changes or redesigns, which results in MORE SAVINGS FOR YOU.

3.Project Submission:

Submitting all project instructions, info, content and images in one (1) email, one (1) support request through the Digital Vibe website or through Trello.

Please submit any project details through one (1) support request form submission or one (1) email, or through Trello, which is an easy-to-use, free project manage tool that allows for simplified and organized communication. When emails relating to the same project are spread across multiple email threads this results in more project management time, which results in delays & potential errors, which can increase the cost of the project. Follow up emails work fine, but need to be kept in the same email thread.

This includes:

  • Instructions – All necessary info & instructions in one email or support submission (preferences, requirements, objectives, end goals, ideal timeframe for completion, etc.)
  • Attachments – All necessary attachments in one email.
  • Prioritization / Deadlines – When submitting multiple projects or tasks please offer direction as to which task or project is higher priority. (If no direction is given on this, your tasks will be completed based on the order of submission.)
  • Trello – All client’s team members who are a part of the project are copied on emails or added to Trello projects.
  • Proofread Content – All content submitted for postings or pages is proofread and edited before submission. We do offer proofreading, editing, and content writing available at our normal hourly rate

4. Project Submission Tools

Digital Vibe provides some of the industry’s most affordable and competitive rates. One way we are able to do this is by leveraging free tools to coordinate with our clients on an efficient basis that not only keeps costs down, but also helps us deliver your project faster. Because of the geographic barriers that come into play, we are unable to meet in-person with all clients. Local clients who do require in-person meetings do require more time and preparation, which results in higher cost projects and delays in the deadline. To keep your project affordable, efficient and help us complete it as quickly as possible, the following free tools make coordinating virtually a very simplified process.

A. Screencast Tool (ESSENTIAL)

Quickly record a video of your screen and share audio feedback on what you like/dislike/or what needs to be revised. This works for everyone’s schedule, let’s you say everything that needs to be said in 5 minutes that would take 45 minutes to type, prevents the inefficiencies of phone calls since we cannot see the project, and is significantly more efficient than spending half a day in meetings and meeting preparation.

Recommended Screencast Tools:
Screencastify (Google Chrome Browser) – The one we use daily. Free. 1 click install and start sharing feedback in seconds.

Jing – (Works on any browser or computer) – Simply download this free screencast software, easily save to the cloud and share feedback

B. Screenshot Tool (ESSENTIAL)

A picture is worth a thousand words. SImply download one of the following tools and start sharing screenshots and easily annotate them if you need to.

Recommended Screencast Tools:
Jing The same free tool above that works for screencast videos also works for screenshots – Free download, annotate and share images in seconds

C. Google Docs and Drive (ESSENTIAL)

Keep your all your content in the cloud, easily filed and organized. You can share with a team member to proofread and easily share with us once it is completed. You can also comment with your team or our team inside the document for easy collaboration on the content or layout.

D. Skype or Slack (ESSENTIAL)

Phone calls are very inefficient because we cannot see what you are seeing on your screen. For those times that meetings are necessary, we recommend using either of the free tools – Skype or Slack for easy screensharing so we can see each other’s screens and see live examples of the project being worked on.

E. Project Management Tool

For larger clients with regular, ongoing projects, we work inside Trello. It is a free virtual workspace for easy communication, collaboration, and organization of all details of a project. This significantly cuts down on emails, and prevents the waste of time looking for info across multiple email threads.

Easily keep and share your passwords securely from one place. This simplifies and offers better protection over email of passwords.

5. Providing Content:

Organized Method:

Client is responsible for submitting all project info and content in an organized way. Content submitted in an unorganized manner may result in errors in the project, delays or extra costs due the increased project management.

Copyrighted Material and Premium Content:

Client is responsible for ensuring that all images, video, written content, scripts, are owned by the client or labeled for re-use in the public domain, without any copyright restrictions. Digital Vibe assumes that all content provided by the client is legal property of the client and will not assume any responsibility for damages incurred for content being used that is protected.

If content such as images are not provided and are needed for the project then Digital Vibe will coordinate with client to see if the client would like to provide the images. If client elects to have Digital Vibe find images, additional charges will apply for both the time looking for images, and for any cost incurred for premium photos from stock photo companies. For free images we do our best to find images labeled for re-use in the public domain, but we cannot always guarantee that free images in the public domain are in fact uncopyrighted. For this reason, we strongly advise the client to elect for professional stock photos, or their own professional images whenever possible to protect against any potential legal issues that may arise from using copyrighted content. Again, Digital Vibe is not responsible for any legal claims against the client for the use of protected content.

Completed Content Proofreading

Digital Vibe assumes that all content submitted by the client is proofread, complete and ready to be added to the site without editing or proofreading. This goes for both written content along with other forms of media such as photos or videos. If editing or proofreading of content is needed, Digital Vibe does offer these services billed at our current hourly rate, and can be made available upon the client’s request.

Content Writing Services

Should the client need content written, Digital Vibe does offer these services available at an additional charge, typically billed at our current hourly rate. Should the client request content to be written, Digital Vibe will refer the client to an online form to gather more info about the project.

6. Necessary and Adequate Communication

Because nearly every project requires content, a screenshot or a screencast, it is very inefficient to handle requests via phone or in-person meetings. To offer the best possible pricing on your support plan, phone support is not included. Should a phone call or in-person meeting be needed, we do schedule these at your convenience, but extra costs and (or) delays may be associated with the project due to the increase in project management time.

Should you need to schedule a call, you may do so by clicking here.

For efficiency, affordability, timeliness, and overall ease of the project for both parties we strongly advise using email, screenshots and (or) screencasts for sharing and provide as much detail as possible.

  • Inadequate Communication – If inadequate information or communication has not been provided, we will follow up with the team member who submitted the project for more information. If we are unable to receive the necessary communication or info within 7 days, we will put the project into a hold status until necessary communication and info is received. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for deadlines missed from insufficient info or communication.
  • Text Messages – Additionally, we do not support task or project info submitted by text messages, because text messages do not make it to the necessary team member and can often times be overlooked. Because of this, please avoid text messages and ensure info is submitted by email, support ticket or through Trello.
  • Sending pictures of documents – When content needs to be added or updated on your site, we need this to be placed into a Google Doc, or Word Document and sent over to us. Due to the difficulty to read some mobile photos, and also for efficiency, to keep projects affordable, and also to remove human error element, we cannot type content from images received
  • Email support – To keep support affordable and because our support team works in different time zones, all ready-made / turnkey monthly support plans are handled via email.

7. Timeframe and Turnaround

We handle all requests and inquiries on a first come, first serve basis. We strive to get to all requests in less than one business day, but we promise our support team will be in touch with you no later than 2 business days.

8. Admin and Assistant-Related Work

We are a web design, development, and digital marketing agency, and unfortunately, due to excessive growth, we are no longer able to handle assistant or administrative tasks at this time. Examples of administrative tasks are: online research, data entry, email management, answering services, customer service, email management, calendar or meeting management, billing/bookkeeping, or online service management.

However, we do understand that you as a busy entrepreneur do need assistance with handling these administrative related tasks. Because of this, we have partnered with an organization and network of top-level virtual assistants who can help you with you all of the above tasks. Contact Us for more information.

9. Billing and Payment

  • Monthly Plans for One Website –  Because the needs of each website and business are different, marketing and maintaining the sites can take a different approach depending on the goals for that website.  In order for us to ensure that each website we maintain and market is successful and getting the necessary and adequate attention to reach the end goals of our client’s, monthly plans are for one website only.  Clients with multiple websites or multiple businesses, will require us to come up with a unique monthly plan for each website.  This helps you as the client in 3 areas.  First, it helps ensure that each of your websites is getting the necessary and adequate attention to accomplish your goals without our attention being divided between multiple websites, all of which require a different strategy and team member.  Secondly, we assign specific team members to each website depending upon your unique needs.  This means that we look at your goals, and find our best team members to help you with your needs.  If your monthly website needs are more marketing, we assign this with our marketing team.  If your needs are more development, we assign this with our developers.  If your needs are maintenance or administrative in nature, these are assigned to our support team, and if your needs are design in nature we assign these with our creative team.  This helps us ensure that the necessary team is available for the needs of your different websites.  Lastly, this helps us put together a successful strategy and work toward each month to reach your goals.
  • Billing and Costs – If you have a monthly support plan in place with Digital Vibe, then depending upon the arrangement, small to mid-sized tasks and projects are likely included. Please send us an email if you have any questions as to costs and monthly task inclusions.
  • Monthly Support Plans – If you do not have a monthly support plan in place, we bill at our current hourly rate. Pre-payment is normally required, and you may purchase batches of 5 hours at a discounted hourly rate for website maintenance, design, and development. On a case-by-case basis, we make arrangements for post-billing clients for work completed on a monthly basis. If this is the case, we will submit an invoice at the beginning of each month for work that has been requested by the client’s company during the previous month. Work will follow our current hourly rate. Client has 3 business days to address any concerns or questions. If no concerns or questions have been raised by the client within 3 business days of invoice submission, the client’s credit card on file will be billed for the full amount.

10. Ready-Made Support Policies

This section outlines the guidelines for support and handling Ready-Made client projects and tasks. However the full terms of services for Ready-Made clients can be viewed here.

What is included with support:

  • most general questions related to your website, theme, plugins, pages, posts, hosting, email, etc.
  • most requests for troubleshooting errors or problems you are facing with your ready-made website or hosting
  • creating new emails for you (I.E. Info@yourdomain.Com)
  • plugin installation
  • fixing an error that came up on site from updates or plugin conflicts

What’s not included with support: (available at additional cost)

  • most additions to website (pages, posts, content, images software integrations, third party integrations, etc)
  • most plugin configurations (customizing or setting up plugins)
  • any custom design or development work
  • any form of marketing
  • any form of customization
  • fixing issues/errors not caused from website updates
  • phone support
  • more than one (1) support request or 30 minutes of support per month
  • most website changes
  • virtual or administrative assistant tasks
  • any troubleshooting to a site not developed by digital vibe or not on the divi theme
  • fixing any third party add-ons or add-ons not originally included in your ready-made / turnkey plan

Costs and billing:

As a turnkey / ready-made monthly client, most of our plans offer one (1) support ticket request (up to 30 minutes) of tech support per month. Support requests reset on the first of each month. Should you need more than one (1) support request or 30 minutes of support per month, you will be billed at our current hourly rate. If your request is not included in your monthly plan, our support team can provide you an approximate estimate of time and costs.

Should a project or task not fit within your monthly support plan. You will be notified via email, along with an estimate for the project. Estimates are estimates only. Should the project go beyond the estimate, due to additional requests, changes or revisions, additional project management, or tech issues from 3rd party softwares this will be billed at the hourly rate.

For larger projects over $500, we ask for a deposit of 50% be paid up-front. Any invoices for pre-payments or project completion will be submitted automatically by our invoicing software on a monthly basis for prior work over the past month. You will have 3 business days to review the invoice and raise any questions or concerns. If no feedback has been shared, on the 3rd business day, the credit card on file will be charged for the amount or deposit.

For more information on what is included in your ready-made plan, click here.

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